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Thea Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything related to the sitcom Thea. The wiki format allows anyone to credit or edit any article,s o we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for fans of Thea.


Thea Vidale starred as the sassy Thea Turrell (known for her trademark one-liner of "See ya!"), a widowed mother of four children who works in a Houston, Texas supermarket by day and runs a one-chair beauty salon on the corner of her porch in the evenings.

The show was the first to feature Brandy Norwood, who later went on to become a Grammy-winning singer and star of her own sitcom Moesha (with Wilson as a member of the supporting cast).

Although the show garnered high ratings at first, ratings steadily fell thereafter, and the series was canceled after only 19 episodes. It ended the season in 43rd place.

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