First name unknown Armstrong (Deceased)

m. Lena Armstrong (Deceased)

c. Thea Armstrong b. 1956

The eldest Armstrong daughter. The titular character of the series.

m. Jarvis Turrell, Sr. (Deceased)

c. Jarvis Turrell, Jr. b. 1977

Thea and Jarvis's firstborn. He is the most responsible of the Turrell children.

c. Jerome Turrell b. 1979

Thea and Jarvis's second born. He is the "sharpie" of the Turrell children.

c. Danesha Turrell

Thea and Jarvis's only daughter. She is the most sensible of the Turrell children, most likely due to being the only girl.

c. James Turrell b. 1984

Thea and Jarvis' youngest child.

c. Lynette Armstrong

The middle Armstrong daughter.

m. Charles Russell

Lynette's husband.

c. Patrice Armstrong

The youngest Armstrong daughter. An attorney, who worked her way through school and graduated 3rd in her law class.

m. Arthur Washington

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